High-rate Sensing

mCerebrum is a mobile phone software platform that can be used to collect both high-rate raw sensor data and associated labels in the field.

Multi-sensor field studies

mCerebrum supports seamless sharing of streaming data from multiple sensors to enable computation of multi-sensor biomarkers (e.g., stress, smoking, eating) which can be remotely monitored through Cerebral Cortex.

Real-time data quality monitoring

mCerebrum supports real-time assessment of data quality to ensure data fidelity which is couple with Cerebral Cortex real-time montoring capabilities.

Marker development and validation

Cerebral Cortex supports population-scale data analysis and visualzation to enable marker development and validation.

To monitor health wellness and work performance

mCerebrum aims to unleash a new wave of innovative research in the assessment and improvement of everyday job performance.

Real-time biomarker computation

mCerebrum is architecturally scalable to support concurrent computation of a large number of biomarkers (each of which requires complex processing) without saturating the computational capacity or battery life of a mobile phone.

Sensor-triggered mobile interventions

mCerebrum supports the sense-analyze-act paradigm to aid the development and evaluation of sensor-triggered interventions

Mobile sensor big-data

mCerebrum allows for high-frequency raw sensor data collection (800+ Hz for 70+ million samples/day), processing, and storage (~2GB/day) and is coupled with Cerebral Cortex which scales to 1,000s of concurrent mCerebrum instances and 100s of terabytes of data.

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